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Why versus What

I watched a TedXMileHigh talk by Dr. Tasha Eurich last night. (“Increase Your Self-Awareness with One Simple Fix” from Nov 2017)

Basically, what Dr. Eurich and her team of researchers learned was that there are “Why” people and “What” people. They found people that moved past “why” and moved to “what” had a better self-awareness AND a better life outcome. I wanted to expand on that concept. I read that 79% of Americans don’t like the division and polarization in our country and want it to change. There are lots of theories on “why” it’s that way. The biggest thing we can all do right now is to move beyond the “why” and get to the “what”. What can I do? For me, what I can do starts with “Healing the Divide” Online Course. Working on Listening, Empathy and Clarity, and finding Commonalities in conversation.

What can YOU do? Maybe it is working on having better conversations or sharing resources, so that we are all learning! I know I am no expert. I challenge you to think about “what” you can do. In the short term, you are invited to join me in the Healing the Divide Course! For more information and registration, you can click on the link here: Better Smarter Stronger Giveaway

  • Challenge #1 - Post about this course on your social media and tag us.

  • Challenge #2 - Refer your friends/family to register for the course. 

  • This challenge runs today (Oct 13) thru midnight CDT, next Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020.

  • There are Prizes, of course: The winners of Challenge #1 and #2 will each receive 50% refund of their course registration fee AND the book Say What You Mean by Oren Jay  Sofer. 

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