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Life and Death

Life and death were experienced in the span of one short week.

Life was simply experienced through the eyes of my 1-year-old grandson. His wonder while touching tree bark. One was a virtual Grand Canyon of depth; rough, irregular, and deep. Another felt smooth as the nearby pond surface. He gleefully watched the boisterous fountain shoot 20 feet up. It didn’t matter that this was our fifth visit that week.

An ocean away, death slowly took the ailing body of a kind, loving man. Family members cherished his smiles. Each hour was a gift that allowed them to express their love before he slipped away.

What was the common thread in both scenes? Love and focused attention in the moment.

…and JOY

Joy was felt in the simple, everyday moments of life.

Today, I invite you to take five minutes to be “in the moment.” Push the “Pause Button” on your life and all it’s busy-ness for a fraction of time.

Focus your attention.

Take five minutes to step outside, breath in the air, and notice your surroundings. The grass as it gently moves with the wind. The birds soaring overhead, or chirping from some hidden location. The sound of neighborhood children playing. What color is the sky? Are there clouds today? Or stars? Is there wind, rain, sunshine, or moonshine?

Give yourself a gift of five minutes to be hyper-focused on your world. Take a few deep breaths - in and out – slowly and intentionally.

Our lives are truly lived in the little moments. And that’s where joy is found.

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