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Meaningful Dialogue Changes Our LIves

Wondering how to improve the quality of your relationships? Listen to what Andrea Wiener has to say. This is what she will be presenting during her session of Healing the Divide! Week 1 of “Healing the Divide” on Oct 8th: During the first session of this online course, our guest speaker, Andrea Wiener of Coaching Alchemy, will teach us about Listening to Understand. Did you know Listening is the single most important skill of healing conversations? We will learn what to do (and not do!) to listen with our whole self. "We have to create space for ourselves and other people in order to have meaningful dialogue." - Andrea Wiener, Coaching Alchemy Andrea Wiener, CPCC, ACC, is a leadership coach, entrepreneur and former sales executive. She is a powerful advocate and ally for courageous change, using coaching as alchemy to partner with leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their careers and their lives. Learn more about Andrea here: To learn more about meaningful dialogue and making the world a better place, join us on October 8, 15, and 22 at 7pm Central Visit and register here:

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