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You are the expert of your life

You are a wonderful, unique person – there’s nobody else quite like you.  Your thoughts, feelings, and experiences are yours alone. Therefore, only you know what’s truly best for you.

FACT:  Well-meaning people have opinions and suggestions about how to live your life. It’s tempting and easy to simply do what they say. In reality, the best--and only--person who can make life decisions for you is YOU!

Better Smarter Stronger is an online community dedicated to individuals who are willing to consider ideas and information that may challenge them to grow. We are a community of people who

  • are willing to do the work to accept and love our whole selves;

  • understand all humans are ever-evolving;

  • desire to support ourselves and fellow humans;

  • are lifelong learners who enjoy the process;

  • and understand that growing as an individual is different that seeking perfection.

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I'm Caytie Pohlen-LaClare

A curious lifelong learner, wife/mom/sister/daughter, entrepreneur, and friend, with a passion for understanding the human experience. I learned the truth about being the expert of my own life when I was in my early 30’s. Since then, I have been practicing that truth and quietly assisting others to do the same.

My work is about encouraging individuals to bravely face their lives and make choices to honor themselves.

Living with authenticity and integrity is soul-satisfying and exhilarating.

Join me on this path. We’re living our best, imperfect lives each day and constantly evolving.


How are you moving on the river of life -- in an innertube or a canoe?

One option lets the current take you wherever it will, the other uses a paddle to steer through the stream and give you some forward motion if needed

Better Smarter Stronger offers you resources and community through:

Acceptance – you are whole and loved in your uniqueness
Education – designed to support you as you continue to evolve
Connection – people who encourage each other

Canoes on a Lake


We don’t have to wait until we are on our deathbed to realize what a waste of our precious lives it is to carry the belief that something is wrong with us.    

- Tara Brach

Why Better Smarter  Stronger?

Personal growth and self-help organizations are everywhere, and yet, most start with the premise that you are flawed and need somebody else to tell you how you should be. 

Better Smarter Stronger rejects the idea that you must conform to a group “ideal” and instead, encourages you to love and accept your unique self and from that place, consider what tweaks would be meaningful and helpful for you. 

Only you know what will be best for you. It might be internal changes in thoughts or beliefs, it might be external changes in how you present yourself to the world or the people and groups where you spend your time. 

Better Smarter Stronger is here to support you because YOU are the expert of your Life!   

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Better Smarter Stronger is a Partner

of the #WeavingCommunity!

In this crisis, we have a choice. We can open up. We can find meaning in helping others. We can create a more connected future.

Visit to get involved!

#LetsGoThere #Weaving Community

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