Healing the Divide On-Demand

Healing the Divide On-Demand


When we take the time to sit down and listen to people’s personal experiences, we begin to understand: what’s in our hearts is more similar than different.


Since I was a kid, I have wanted to do work that helps people. This course is one way of bringing my life purpose to the world. I am still learning, just like you. Let’s do this together!


Each week, a different guest speaker will bring their expertise to the course. Course participants will learn to adjust their thought process and practice these skills:

  • Session 1, Oct 8thListening to Understand, with Andrea Wiener of Coaching Alchemy. Listening is the single most important skill of healing conversations.
  • Session 2, Oct 15thThe Power of Empathy and Clarity in Conversations, with Jackie Sloane of Sloane Communications. Entering conversations with intention and empathy are vital components to healing conversations.
  • Session 3, Oct 22ndConnecting with Commonalities, with Justine Lee of Make America Dinner Again, and Living Room Conversations.  Finding what we have in common creates trust and a strong foundation for healing conversations.
  • NOTE: In addition to the live elements, participants will receive resource materials, links, and all session recordings.


If priced separately, the course is valued at over $450. However, because we believe in the importance of this work, we are offering this entire course for only $49.


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