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Healing the Divide

Healing the Divide


When we take the time to sit down and listen to people’s personal experiences, we begin to understand: what’s in our hearts is more similar than different.


Since I was a kid, I have wanted to do work that helps people. This course is one way of bringing my life purpose to the world. I am still learning, just like you. Let’s do this together!


Each week was a different guest speaker will brought their expertise to the course. Course participants will learn to adjust their thought process and practice these skills:


Session 1Listening to Understand, with Andrea Wiener of Coaching Alchemy. Listening is the single most important skill of healing conversations.


Session 2The Power of Empathy and Clarity in Conversations, with Jackie Sloane of Sloane Communications. Entering conversations with intention and empathy are vital components to healing conversations.


Session 3Connecting with Commonalities, with Justine Lee of Make America Dinner Again, and Living Room Conversations.  Finding what we have in common creates trust and a strong foundation for healing conversations.


NOTE: In addition to the live elements, participants will receive resource materials, links, and all session recordings. *


If priced separately, the course is valued at over $450. However, because we believe in the importance of this work, we are offering this entire course for only $49.

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