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Listen First Project

Listen First Project mends our frayed social fabric by building relationships and bridging divides. We combat the universally felt crisis of distance, division, and dehumanization across differences with conversations that prioritize understanding. To maximize impact, we catalyze the #ListenFirst movement powered by 300 partner organizations, thousands of individuals, National Conversation Project, businesses, schools, cultural influencers, and local chapters around the world.

Weaving Community

#WeavingCommunity responds to this moment of crisis by inviting honest conversation, authentic human connection and meaningful civic action. It strives to turn this moment of shared pain into a moment of shared possibility.

Andrea Wiener, Coaching Alchemy

The ancient art of alchemy sought to transform ordinary materials into something precious and rare. In my work, I collaborate with my clients to transform obstacles into opportunities, vague feelings into actionable values, and outgrown, limiting stories into a new sense of purpose and commitment.

Braver Angels

At Braver Angels we do not accept this division. We reject the normalizing of this extreme polarization. We say no to the break down of political and social life that it brings.

Make America Dinner Again

There are many avenues to protest, to donate, to fight, to be heard; Make America Dinner Again is an avenue to listen. These small dinners consist of respectful conversation, guided activities, and delicious food shared among 6-10 guests who have differing political viewpoints, and our country's best interests at heart.

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations are a simple way to connect across divides - politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more.

Nourish with Alish

Alisha, Holistic Health Coach and passionate wellness advocate helping women take their power back over their lives, their health, and their happiness.

Jackie Sloane, Sloane Communications

Jackie Sloane, MCC, is a seasoned executive coach and consultant, specializing in enhancing the ability to achieve significant results and greater well-being through how clients engage others, communicate, cultivate relationships, and lead key initiatives.

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