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This is not about perfection.  

I say this phrase often as a reminder, and a warning: this is not about perfection. 


I say it because I want to manage the expectations of our readers and community. 


I say it because nobody is perfect and sometimes, we forget that fact.  

Or we expect it of those we love most. Nobody is perfect. 


The last year was a tough one for so many people. We faced a pandemic, fear, isolation, depression, and even death. We have seen members of our families, our communities, and our world affected.  

We, ourselves, have been affected.  


Most of us are dealing with challenges at levels we have rarely, if ever, experienced before. 


And yet. 

And yet, we survive, we learn, we grow. 


And yet the sun rises on another day, on another opportunity to correct our wrongs, and on the challenge to give love. 

To. Give. Love. 

Give love to ourselves, and to those around us.  

Give love to the earth. 

Give love to those we find difficult to love. 


Because we all need love. We all need forgiveness. We all need to remember. 


This is not about perfection. 


Caytie Pohlen-LaClare, Founder of Better Smarter Stronger, LLC

Since childhood, Caytie knew her purpose was to help others in some way. Putting people first has been at the core of her personal beliefs and her business decisions for decades.

With Better Smarter Stronger, Caytie merges her purpose and passion into an organization that provides inspiration and education. She believes in each person’s innate goodness and ability to evolve towards their best self. This isn’t about perfection. Rather, it’s about having the knowledge and tools needed to become a little better, smarter, and stronger each day.

We make the world better when we make ourselves better.